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A lot of people say they wanna make a difference.

Few people actually do.

Here at the Lab we’re ON FIRE

about providing clean drinking

water to those who don’t have access.

This is why we’ve partnered with neverTHIRST...

Our community is THRILLED to be a part

of such a wonderful movement

and we’re grateful (beyond words)

to be in the position to help

finance the manufacturing

and installation

of drinking


Every time a Digital Genius invests

in the Lab we carve out a percentage

And give it to neverTHIRST

to help construct

a new


Our immediate goal is to fund

a well per quarter and

eventually fund

a well per


If you’re inclined to go above and beyond

and provide more than what the Lab

is already investing...

Make a statement for YOURSELF!

Fight For The Cause.

Every $25 bucks changes

someone’s life...



Meet some of the fundraisers that are part of this campaign

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